My EQC story


National's Earthquake Recovery Minister, Gerry Brownlee, has admitted ignoring 86 vulnerable elderly Cantabrians still living in damaged houses more than three year after the quakes.

Brownlee has also admitted he never even bothered to listen to the hundreds of cases bought to EQC by Labour MPs on behalf of constituents.

EQC, the Minister and the National Party are completely out of touch with the realities of life for so many families who are struggling to rebuild their lives in Christchurch. This must change.

Please tell us your EQC story. We'll forward your story onto Gerry Brownlee - and we'll send any reply from Brownlee to you.

We'll also share your stories in social media and in Parliament, so that all of New Zealand can see what EQC is putting people through.

After more than 3 years, how happy are you with how EQC and the Minister Gerry Brownlee are managing the recovery?

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