My housing story


The National Party aren't seeing the human face of New Zealand's housing crisis.

Labour have a plan to ensure every Kiwi family has a warm dry home. We'll:

  • Require landlords to ensure every rental house in New Zealand is warm and dry.
  • Put 100,000 Kiwi families into their first home through KiwiBuild.
  • Restrict the ability of non-residents to purchase New Zealand houses.
  • Introduce a capital gains tax to take pressure off house prices.
  • Introduce a National Policy Statement to ensure Councils are more likely to approve projects involving affordable housing.

Please tell us your housing story. We'll forward your story onto John Key - and we'll send any reply from the Prime Minister onto you. We'll also highlight common stories in our campaign to ensure every New Zealander has a warm, dry home.

Do you believe every New Zealander should be able to live in a warm, dry, healthy home?